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Vegetable Murder

In stock

A new mini library who features some raw vegetable murder audio that can be used to design gore and bone effects for your video game or movie.

All libraries on site are sold as single user license. For multi user license, please contact us.

To extract our SFX libraries without issue, please use (free/demo version) Winrar on PC or Betterzip on Mac, Thanks!

FORMAT: WAV 24bit/96kHz
Instant Download
UCS compliant

‘Vegetable Murder – Crush & Crunch’ is a quick pack of sound effects made from torturing poor, little veggies. In it you can find 42 sounds of crunching, cracking, crushing, peeling, cutting, and biting carrot sticks, celery stalks, onions, and peppers. Each sound is on its own individual track, and these high-quality sounds can, of course, be pitched down for a more monstrous effect. If you need gore and bone-crushing sounds fast, give this one a listen.

Key Features:
  • Library ships in 96kHz, 24bit
  • Universal Category System (UCS) compliant
  • 42 files / 140,5Mo
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

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