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Planes Passbys

In stock

Planes Passbys is a quick pack of 20 pass-bys from interior and exterior perspectives. These recordings are clean of distractions like birds, traffic, wind, and crowds, and they gracefully pan for a realistic sounds image. Rather than spend all day chasing planes with Plane Finder, give this library a listen.

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FORMAT: WAV 24bit/96kHz
Instant Download
UCS compliant

In this new library, you will find several pass-bys, captured from different perspective, in interior and exterior from my house, with windows opened and closed.
Perfect to use and tweak if you need a spaceship flying (or another flying transportation) over your head!

Key Features:
  • Library ships in 96kHz, 24bit
  • Universal Category System (UCS) compliant
  • 20 files / 408,8mo
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

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