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Droid Vocal

In stock

Have you ever wanted your own robot sidekick – one who’s the comic relief with synthy comments or able to take a beating for the crew if need be? Then ‘Droid Vocal – Mini Library’ by Fox Audio Post-Production is right up your alley!

This quick pack of 30 robotic vocalizations gets you some classic expressions with rolling dual tones, high-pitched whistles, calculations, and more.
For the price, you’ll be set with enough Wall-E-like assertions for your prototype or short segment. Check out the demo to hear for yourself!

All libraries on site are sold as single user license. For multi user license, please contact us.

To extract our SFX libraries without issue, please use (free/demo version) Winrar on PC or Betterzip on Mac, Thanks!

FORMAT: WAV 24bit/96kHz
Instant Download
UCS compliant

If you love sounds with different intonations like R2D2 or Wall-E style, this library is for you: It features 30 short designed robotic voice snippets.

Key Features:
  • Library ships in 96kHz, 24bit
  • Universal Category System (UCS) compliant
  • 30 files / 65,9mo
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata

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